Directions to Everwind Ranch

Directions to Everwind Ranch

From I-80 and I-79:

Travel North to Edinboro Exit on I-79. (Route 6N) Get off the ramp and turn right---east. Pass through Edinboro and continue several miles to a traffic light at the intersection of Rt. 19, 6N, and 6. Continue east, immediately going over a bridge. Continue to the blinker light in Mill Village.

(See directions from Mill Village below.)

From I-90 West:

Take Rt. 19 or Rt. 97 through Waterford, staying on Rt. 97 (towards Union City). Turn right on Flatts Road (just outside of Waterford), and proceed to blinker in Mill Village, following directions “from Mill Village”, below.

From I-90 East & I-86:

Go South on Rt. 89, through Wattsburg. You will now be on Rt. 89 and Rt. 8 together. When leaving Wattsburg, Rt. 89 bears left and Rt. 8 goes straight. Take Rt. 8 into Union City where you will then be on Rt. 8 and Rt. 6 together. Continue South through Union City and upon leaving Union City, you will see a blinker light. At that blinker light Rt. 6 turns to the right. (west) (Follow directions “from Union City” below.)

From Rt. 8 South:

Proceed to the blinker light entering Union City where it intersects with Rt. 6. Take Rt. 6 west (left) at the blinker and follow directions: (“From Union City” below.)

From Mill Village

Follow Rt. 6 from the blinker light two miles. As you approach the 2-mile mark you will be coming down a hill. At the bottom of the hill you will see a white church on each side of Rt. 6. The church on the right side (south) sits between two roads close enough to look like driveways to the church. Take the second road (Willey) to the right. (There is a big blue children’s sliding board in the yard beyond the road.) Continue on Willey to an intersection (no roads in-between). Go straight through the intersection – Everwind is the second place on the left past the intersection.

From Union City

Go West from Union City approximately a mile and you will pass a large dairy farm with two barns on the right and three houses on the left. You immediately go down a small hill and up the other side and then Rt. 6 bends to the right and a road goes straight. Leave Rt. 6 at this point and take the road straight ahead to the top of the hill and an “All Way” stop sign. Go straight through this intersection and go to the next intersection. (No roads in between.) Turn left and we are the second place on the left.


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